Who We Are

At B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing, It is all about YOU. We are an International public relations boutique with a focus on fashion, entertainment and branding. Our company’s media and network marketing extends to Europe, Africa, and North America. We focus on emerging business owners and talents who are intent on building revenue while getting national and global publicity. With over 10 years of experience, B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing can help you promote your products, services and events locally, nationally and internationally, ensuring that you get the right message to the right audience and media at the right time.

Our motto B E G L O B A L emphasizes our lifestyle, which is to represent your product exclusively and give you exposure to your customized international demographic and media. A consistent attention to detail enables us to represent YOU “guerrilla style” in the market.

Based in South Beach Miami, Florida B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing provides a multicultural approach enabling your business to succeed in today’s diverse marketplace. We often partner with agencies based America and overseas in particular lending our expertise in the African and European markets.

Our multicultural creative marketing strategies work dynamically to bring your product to its target audience around the globe. The array of services we specialize in extends from product launches to image consultancy, special events to corporate branding, parties, films, movie premieres, fashion shows and web branding development.

The professionals at B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing learn everything about your business and then develop a distinct publicity campaign that will attract new consumers as well as retaining existing consumers who fit directly into your customer model. Our campaigns are customized to enhance your company, brand or personal image. At B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing our mission is to let your creative image represent you.

B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing has a team of professionals fully equipped to deliver the results you are looking for.

All calls made to and from B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing are recorded.

You’ll always… B E G L O B A L

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